Our Partners

  1. Pakistan National TB Control Programme
  2. KPK Provincial TB Control Programme
  3. TB Control Programme, Directorate of Health FATA
  4. Directorate of Malaria Control Pakistan
  5. Afghanistan National TB Control Programme
  6. Global Fund for TB, Malaria and HIV in Afghanistan
  7. Fidelis / IUATLD ( for 9 districts in KPK)
  8. National Institute of Health Rockville, USA (donated lab. equipment)
  9. United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
  10. German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
  11. Project Directorate for Health, Afghan Refugees NWFP
  12. Project Directorate for Health, Afghan Refugees Baluchistan
  13. Project Directorate for Health, Afghan Refugees Punjab
  14. Anti-TB Association of NWFP
  15. Anti TB Association Geneva
  16. International Medical Corps (IMC)
  17. Frontier Primary Health Care
  18. Save the Children (US)
  19. International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  20. International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)
  21. Church World Services (CWS)
  22. Saudi Red Crescent Society (SRC)
  23. Afghan Medical Welfare Association (AMWA)
  24. Kuwait Joint Relief Committee (KJRC)
  25. Union Aid for Afghan Refugees (UAAR)
  26. Mercy Corps International (MCI)
  27. Association of Medical Doctors of Asia
  28. Al-khidmat Foundation
  29. Social Security (KPK)
  30. WAPDA (KPK)
  31. Cantonment General Hospital, Peshawar
  32. Agha Khan Family Clinic, Peshawar
  33. Police Services Hospital, Peshawar
  34. Federal Government Medical Center, Peshawar