Association for Community Development (ACD) has established two CHBC Sites at Abbottabad and Malakand with the close collaboration of Principal Recipient (PR) National AIDS Control Program (NACP). The project is funded by the Global Fund.  The Provincial Directorate of General Health Services KPK has provided guidance and support for the smooth running of the project. The main purpose of establishment of these CHBC sites is to provide care and support, quality VCCT and comprehensive CHBC services to PLHIVs, their family members and access High Risk Groups (HRGs) to provide them complete and updated information regarding HIV-AIDS and its co-infections.

The project is based on the concept of a Public Private Partnership to improve harm reduction, Care & Support services and implementation capacity.

Pakistan is a country having a concentrated HIV epidemic, with a prevalence of 36% among People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) (IBBS Round IV 2011). The main reason being the high level of needle/syringe sharing and lack of Syringe Needle Exchange Programs in the area. In the other group’s prevalence is 5.2% among Hijra (Transgender) Sex Workers (HSW), 1.6% among Male Sex Workers (MSW) and 0.6% among Female Sex Workers (FSW), while it is under 0.1% in the general population. HIV prevalence is on the rise in the most at-risk population in Pakistan.

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