Past Experience & Performence in being a Global Fund SR.

Association for Community Development (ACD) is working as a sub-recipient with the Global Fund grants since the year 2007 with all three-disease components i.e TB, Malaria and HIV/AIDS. In TB component, ACD worked with National TB Control Programme (NTP) and Mercy Corps (MC) and Green Star Social Marketing. In Malaria component, ACD worked with the Directorate of Malaria Control and Save the Children International and in HIV/AIDS component with the National AIDS control Programme and Save the Children International. All projects were implemented in close coordination and support of the provincial programmes and district health teams. In December 2017 HIV/AIDS project closed whereas TB and Malaria projects are ongoing. Following is the summary of different projects implemented as SR of Global Fund grants


Donor The Global Fund
Principal Recipient National AIDs Control Programme
Starting Date August,  2014
End Date December, 2017


Geographical Area District: Lower Dir, Upper Dir, Chitral, Malakand Agency, Bajour Agency, Swat, Buner, Shangla, Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Torghar, Battagarm Kohistan,
Objectives 1.   Improve access to HIV care and treatment support for PLHIV and their family members through the provision of CHBC services and improved referral mechanisms to ART site
Activities Conducted 1.       Provide psychosocial and nutritional support;

2.       Improve livelihoods via socioeconomic support and job creation for PLHIV;

3.       Care for children affected by HIV & AIDS;

4.       Provide social support network for PLHIV;

5.       Expand VCT to increase detection and uptake of PLHIV;

6.       Support ARV treatment adherence for adults and children;

7.       Provide referral support to clients for HIV-treatment related services

8.       Build supportive relationships with local community and faith-based groups working with high-risk populations

Targets vs Achievement
Indicators Target Achieved Percent
PLHIVs Registered 597 679 113.73
Family Members Registered 1791 2097 117.08
VCCT Performed 3150 3176 100.82

Package of services delivered and involvement of the communities in the design of the package of services.

HIV/AIDs Package of Services:

  • Nutritional support to PLHIVs and their Family member.
  • Care for malnourish children affected by HIV & AIDS.
  • Support ARV treatment adherence for adults and children.
  • Provide referral support to clients for HIV-treatment related services.
  • School fees and School Packages Support to infected and affected children.
  • Skill development and support to PLHIVs to their sustainability.
  • Detail medical investigation.
  • Travel payment for ART registration.
  • VCCT Testing Service to High risky community.
  • Outreach Services to identified the most at risk population (MARP Group) and facilitate the VCCT and other social support.
  • Provide social support network for PLHIV.
  • Improve livelihoods via socioeconomic support and job creation for PLHIV.
  • Identification of high risk communities and build supportive relationships with local community and faith-based groups working with high-risk populations.


Advocacy, Communication & Social Mobilization:

  • Advocacy with government line deparments
  • Creating awareness among general community and schools
  • involving religious leaders and media representatives in awareness
  • Establishing paartnership with CBOs/ NGOs and volunteers for creating awareness in the community


Strengthening Laboratory Services:

  • Establishing microscopy centers
  • Training Lab technicians
  • External Quality Assurance


Human Resource development through training:

  • Training on case management for health care providers
  • Training on Inter-peerspnal communication
  • Training on Quality of health care


Public Private Partnership / Mix:

  • Partnership development with public and private sector institutions
  • Involving para-statal and autonomous bodies in health care delivery
  • Establishing partnerships with individual health care providers


Logistics support:

  • Procurement and Distribution of health and non health items
  • Infrastructure enhancement and supply of equipment


Development of Training Materials:

  • Development of guidelines, posters, handouts etc for case management, public awareness and advocacy